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A new era in digital advertising

We’ve cracked the code for crafting groundbreaking, immersive, and non-intrusive ads that seamlessly integrate into your target audience’s online journey, fitting any budget, regardless of your company size. 


Get rid of fragmented advertising efforts and access a streamlined, cost-effective platform that maximizes your ROI while boosting your brand image. Join the Ours Blanc walk and make your advertising campaigns roar!

Seamless Ads

At OursBlanc, our mission is to modernize the world of digital advertising. We are dedicated to empowering businesses of all sizes with the tools and strategies needed to elevate their online presence.

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All-in-one Platform, SmartXSP

Your Online Advertising Purchasing Platform

We’ve developed SmartXSP, an online advertising purchasing platform, our DSP. It stands out for its exceptional ease of use and extremely powerful tools, suited for everyone from freelancers to multinational corporations, and media agencies of all sizes.


Expanded Audiences

By using OursBlanc solutions, you easily launch campaigns across an expansive network of over 12,000 sites worldwide, our presence spanning across 82 countries and accommodating 33 languages. You have the opportunity to directly connect with your target audience.



The context is the most beautiful setting for your advertising, you can use more than 80 contexts of semantic content: from real estate, to finance to travel and leisure.



You can push the geolocation of your Internet users to the finest level, down to the postal code. And thus have an ultra precise target.

Data driven

Data driven

SmartXSP is more than 100,000 data segments that you can activate to target your users. You have segment of interest, intent, context and demographics.



We want you to be completely free to use our solution: there are no license fees, no setup costs and no obligation to use.

Innovative Ad Formats

OursBlanc also means innovative and exclusive advertising formats – SmartCover, SmartRead, and SmartPulse. These formats are designed to attract attention in a positive way and generate voluntary interactions from internet users. These interactions, which we refer to as engagement, allow us to approach digital advertising in an entirely new way.

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Create a free account on our SmartXSP purchasing platform and discover how our solutions can help you create more respectful and effective digital advertising.

Take the leap today and revolutionize your digital advertising approach with OursBlanc. We look forward to welcoming you and collaborating with you.