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Revolutionizing the world of digital advertising. SmartPulse is a cutting-edge mobile advertising format by OursBlanc that simplifies ad creation, sparks creativity, protects user privacy, and provides a seamless user experience. With its three stages – Pulse, Hero, and Xtra – SmartPulse offers progressive user engagement, captivating visuals, adaptive ad displays, and extended on-site experiences. Discover the power of SmartPulse and redefine your brand’s advertising impact.


At OursBlanc we believe that there is no simpler format to implement: a single image is enough, after which our algorithms take over and produce aesthetic and optimized advertising.


This format offers up to three distinct communication zones: the pulse, an attention-grabbing element with a customizable logo and message; the main advertisement; and the Xtra mode, which allows users to stay on the publisher’s site while opening a page on the advertiser’s site


OursBlanc’s SmartPulse pushes the boundaries of advertising creativity with its user-friendly approach. Advertisers can easily create ads in various formats such as image, PNG, GIF, Carousel, Native Carousel, HTML5, Video,…


User comfort is our number one priority at OursBlanc. The SmartPulse offers a non-intrusive, intuitive and fun experience.

The first communication zone of SmartPulse consists of a customizable logo and text. This zone is animated to subtly grab the user’s attention without disrupting their navigation.

Image landscape

Image Vertical

Revolutionizing Facebook Campaigns On The Open Web

Discover SmartPulse Social, the format that transforms your Facebook campaigns into campaigns on the Open Web.