Take Control - Your Advertising Superpower!

Enter the realm of digital advertising with SmartXSP, an exceptional Demand-Side Platform (DSP). What sets SmartXSP apart from the rest is its unique offering of exclusive, premium rich media formats, which are only available through our platform. Besides, SmartXSP combines the power of a sophisticated ad platform with the simplicity of use, making it an outstanding solution in today’s market.


With SmartXSP, creating and launching your first campaign is as easy as pie. Within a few minutes, and without prior training, you can design and disseminate a global campaign across nearly 12,000 sites. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly for everyone, from freelancers to large international media agencies, and advertisers of all sizes, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

Targeting Capabilities

SmartXSP provides targeting options typically reserved for larger platforms in the market, such as DV360, Xander, or Adobe Campaign. You can target by individual websites, lists of sites, content context (with more than 50 different contexts), geographical location down to the postal code, and even purchase intent. Our platform allows you to activate nearly 100,000 user data segments, ranging from interests to contexts, and purchase intent.


Exclusive Ad Formats

SmartXSP enables the purchase of specific digital formats that are exclusive to our platform. Discover the SmartCover, the SmartRead, and our latest addition, the SmartPulse. However, we also offer standard IAB formats such as rectangles, billboards, or website wraps. Even for these standard formats, we provide editor tools that allow you to create a truly engaging user experience with ease, regardless of your technical expertise.


Real-time Tracking and Reporting

With SmartXSP, you can track all your campaigns in real-time. Stay updated about the status of your campaigns at all times, and extract detailed campaign reports with real-time data updates.


Getting Started

Starting with SmartXSP is a breeze. We set up an account for you, and you can immediately launch your first campaign. There are no setup fees, no licensing fees, and no minimum purchase. You have complete autonomy to purchase your campaigns directly from programmatic markets, determine your buying CPM, and set your maximum budget.